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Interview for Aserica Magazine

I was recently interviewed by Matthieu Lunard and Natalie Malheiro for Hong Kong based Aserica Magazine.

Exposición en Gijón

Durante todo el mes de marzo se expondrá mi trabajo 42nd Street en la Galería Mediadvanced de Gijón.

Country Fictions featured in It’s Nice That

UNDO (Jean-Gabriel Périot, 2005)

Let’s try it again, humanity…

The Land of the Enlightened

Pieter-Jan de Pue spent seven years in Afghanistan and shot in beautiful 16mm this amazing film.

Las Vegas, 2015 © Juan Aballe

“I am not especially interested in anonymous photography, or pictorialist photography, or avant-garde photography, or in straight, crooked or any other subspecific category of photography; I am interested in the entire, indivisible, hairy beast.”

John Szarkowski (1925-2007)

Lothar Baumgarten – Carbon (1991)

Video by Have a Nice Book

Tell Mum Everything Is Ok

Happy to be a part of Tell Mum Everything Is Ok #6 published by Éditions FP&CF (Paris, France) with some incredibly talented people!

Heinrich Riebesehl (1938-2010)

Schillerslage (Hannover), 1978 © Estate of the Artist/Courtesy Kicken Berlin