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“The Hunt” by Christian Jankowski

Last week I had the chance to visit Christian Jankowski’s exhibition I was told to go with the flow, at the Kunsthalle Tübingen.

Jankowski (Göttingen, 1968) is one of the most influential action and concept artists of his generation. This large monographic show presents a survey of Jankowski’s extensive oeuvre, encompassing not only films but also photographs, sculptures and paintings.

I very much enjoyed works like Heavy Weight HistoryCasting Jesus or his early video The Hunt. 

The Hunt (1992, video VHS, 1:11) illustrates how Christian Jankowski lived for one week off goods he could hunt (and then pay) in the supermarket.

Last Best Hope exhibition in Segovia

Very happy to have exhibited my work Last Best Hope at a very symbolic place. The former jail of Segovia (Spain), now transformed into a cultural center of the World Heritage City, was used as a penitentiary until the year 2000. It was very impressive to see the works hanging in the cells of the jail, since “Last Best Hope” in a way has to do with the idea of being “imprisoned” by our hopes and dreams.

Exposición Modos de Mirar

Es un placer y un honor formar parte, junto a grandes artistas, de esta exposición en Conde Duque (Madrid)

“Last Best Hope” exhibition in Photoalicante

Happy to have my work Last Best Hope exhibited in La Lonja (Alicante, Spain) between March 16th and April 15th. Thanks a lot to Photoalicante for inviting me to such a charming festival with really amazing people.

“Last Best Hope” exhibition in CentroCentro Cibeles

Last Best Hope en Masdearte

La revista MASDEARTE ha publicado recientemente este interesante artículo sobre Last Best Hope. Siempre es de agradecer una reflexión con cierto contexto.

Inauguración de “Last Best Hope” en CentroCentro

Os dejo algunas imágenes de la inauguración de la exposición de mi proyecto “Last Best Hope” en CentroCentro Cibeles. Fue un verdadero placer tener a tantos buenos amigos cerca en una tarde muy muy especial.

La exposición se podrá visitar hasta el 21 de enero.

Imágenes del evento realizadas por Iñaki Luis

Exposición CentroCentro Cibeles

Muy contento de poder anunciaros que el próximo jueves 26 de octubre se inaugura la primera exposición de mi proyecto “Last Best Hope”. Será en CentroCentro Cibeles (edificio del Ayuntamiento de Madrid) en el contexto de la convocatoria EnFoco. La expo podrá visitarse hasta el 21 de enero de 2018.

Duane Michals in Barcelona

From the series “Dr. Heisenberg’s Magic Mirror of Uncertainty”, 1998 © Duane Michals


If you are in Barcelona between May 31st and September 10th, do not miss this retrospective exhibition dedicated to the work of Duane Michals (b. 1932, McKeesport, PA). A storyteller through photography, but most of all an inspiring, playful artist.

In this short film (Dominique Dubosc, 1997, 35mm) from the CONTACT series, Duane Michals talks about his own work while looking at some of his contact sheets.

Stanger in Paradise (Guido Hendrikx, 2016)

An amazing and disturbing film by Guido Hendrikx that blends reality and fiction. Power relations between the “first world” and the rest of humanity appear raw and naked in this brilliant film essay.