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Exhibition and workshop at El Temporal

Last November I was invited to participate in El Temporal, a wonderful art festival in the city of Santander (northern Spain). The third edition of El Temporal included exhibitions, lectures, workshops and many other creative proposals inspired on the unifying concept of Thirst (“La Sed”). I showed several photographs from my Last Best Hope project […]

“The Hunt” by Christian Jankowski

Last week I had the chance to visit Christian Jankowski’s exhibition I was told to go with the flow, at the Kunsthalle Tübingen. Jankowski (Göttingen, 1968) is one of the most influential action and concept artists of his generation. This large monographic show presents a survey of Jankowski’s extensive oeuvre, encompassing not only films but […]

Stanger in Paradise (Guido Hendrikx, 2016)

An amazing and disturbing film by Guido Hendrikx that blends reality and fiction. Power relations between the “first world” and the rest of humanity appear raw and naked in this brilliant film essay.  

UNDO (Jean-Gabriel Périot, 2005)

Let’s try it again, humanity…

The Land of the Enlightened

Pieter-Jan de Pue spent seven years in Afghanistan and shot in beautiful 16mm this amazing film.

Il Capo

Excerpt from the short film Il Capo (The Chief) by Yuri Ancarani

Nijuman no borei (200000 Phantoms)

Photographs of Hiroshima from 1914 to 2006. A film by Jean-Gabriel Périot (2007)

Magical Girl

Amazing new film by Madrid-born director Carlos Vermut.

Country fictions echa a andar

  Hace poco encontré en el blog this must be the place esta cita de Jim Jarmusch: “There’s a quote by the French poet Paul Valéry; he said, ‘a poem is never finished, only abandoned.’ You could edit a film for the rest of your life and still keep changing it and changing it, but […]

Die große Ekstase des Bildschnitzers Steiner (Werner Herzog, 1974)

Esencia herzoguiana, maravillosa…